Biological Control of Pests in Forests of Eastern United States



Biological Control of Forest Pests

This is the new home of the website Biological Control of Pests in the Forests of Eastern United States. This site includes

1. Reviews of a series of past weed and insect biological control projects (see Target pests)

2. Power point presentations for teaching a course in biological control in either English or Spanish (see Resources)

3. A Spanish language textbook on biological control and several book-length reports on host range estimation and other topics (see Fact Sheets)

4. Proceedings from two international symposia on biological control of insects (2002, in Hawaii, USA, 2005 in Davos, Switzerland) and an advertizement for the next in the series, February, 2009 in Lincoln, New Zealand (see International Symposium).

Over time, new items will continue to be added. If you have an item that you would like to add, contact Roy Van Driesche at