Biological Control of Pests in Forests of Eastern United States



International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods

1st International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods.
USDA Forest Service FHTET-03-05. June 2003.

Day 1: Issues and Techniques

Hoddle, M. S. Keynote presentation
Classical biological control of arthropods in the 21st century

Cullen, J. and D. Sands
Douglas Frew Waterhouse?A Dedication

Session 1—Issues in Future Expanded Use of Clasical Biological Control
Organizer: Roy Van Driesche (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Session 2—Methods to Colonize, Evaluate and Monitor Natural Enemies
Organizers: John Goolsby and Roger Fuester (USDA-ARS)

Session 3—Use of Molecular Methods in Classical Biological Control
Organizer: Marjorie A. Hoy (University of Florida)

Session 4—Modeling and Theory as Tools to Clarify Causes of Success or Failure of BC Projects
Organizer: Nigel Barlow (AgResearch, New Zealand)