Biological Control of Pests in Forests of Eastern United States



Biocontrol for the protection of biodiversity-- a power point


Biocontrol Class Power points

Any instructor who wishes to share the power point presentations from his or her biological control class may have them posted here by sending them to Roy Van Driesche (Fernald Hall, PSIS/Entomology, UMASS, Amherst, MA 01027) on a CD. Be sure, the titles of the power points are clear and indicate the level of the class (A = introductory class for Freshman, Sophmores or nonmajors; B = upper level first class for Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students; C = second specialized class for graduate students who have already have a B level course). I start this by posting the power points from my class (in 2007). These power points may be downloaded by interested instructors for use, in whole or in part, with or without modification, for classroom use. They cannot be used for publication, in whole or in part. They will be updated periodically (evey year or two) as I reteach my class and make changes.

I. Power points of Roy Van Driesche (UMASS Amherst, for a upper level course in biological control)-A "Level B" first course intended for Juniors, Seniors and Grad students

PP#1 2012 ver- History of BC and Precedents-PDF version

PP#2 2012 ver- Parasitoids and Predators-taxonomy

PP#3 2012 ver- Parasitoids and Predators-biology

PP#4 2012 ver-Weed biocontrol agents-taxonomy

PP#5 2012 ver- Biology of insect pathogens

PP#6 2012 ver-The invasive species problem

PP#7 2012 ver-Biocontrol and Population Dynamics Theory

PP#8 2012 ver-Classical biocontrol of insects

PP#9 2012 ver- Weed biocontrol

PP#10A 2012 ver-Tools for biocontrol

PP#10B 2012 Molecular tools for biocontrol

PP#11 2012 ver- Historical review of nontarget impacts

PP#12 2012 ver-Predicting host ranges

PP#13 2012 ver-Protecting natural enemies from pesticides

PP#14 2012 ver-Enhancing crops as natural enemy habitats

PP#15 2012 ver-Biopesticide concepts and applications

PP#16 2012 ver-Augmentation biocontrol in greenhouses

PP#17 2012 ver-Outdoor augmentation biocontrol

PP#18 2012 ver-Evaluation of natural enemy impacts

PP#19 2012 ver-Biocontrol of vertebrates and nontraditional targets

2. Spanish language version of the Van Driesche 2007 pps (note, in the title of the files, the accents have been deleted for computer compatibility) Power points authored by Roy Van Driesche (PSIS, University of Massachusetts) and Juan Rull and Alejandro Martinez Ramirez (INECOL, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico)

pp1 Historia y precedentes del CB

pp2 Taxonomia de Parasitoides y Depredadores

pp3 Biologia de Parasitoides y depredadores

pp4 Biologia de Patogenos de Insectos

pp5 Especies invasivas

pp6 Especies invasivas

pp7 Teoria del CB

pp8 CB de Malezas

pp9 Cuarentena y Colonizacion

pp10 Seguridad revision historica

pp11 Metodo para predecir el rango de hospederos

pp12 Evaluacion de enemigos naturales

pp13 Conservacion

pp14 CB aumentativo

pp15 bioinsecticidas

pp16 Extension y Politica