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Image Number: 0002102
Subject: common water hyacinth
Liliopsida > Liliales > Pontederiaceae
Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms
Photographer: USDA ARS Archives, USDA ARS
Descriptor: Diagram
Description: Morphology of waterhyacinth plants: A. The “attenuated-petiole” rosette form produced in crowded conditions; B. An expanding axillary bud; C. A developing ramet; and D. The “bulbous-petiole” rosette form produced in open conditions. Abbreviations: ar – adventitious root; bb – bud bract; in – inflorescence; is – leaf isthmus; la – leaf blade; pl – primary leaf; pd – peduncle of flower spike; pt – leaf petiole; rh – rhizome; sp – spathe; st – stolon.
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